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Is Your Computer’s Hardware about to Fail?

Valuable Information Presented by a Computer Repair Service Technician

Dealing with a computer’s hardware issue is no fun. But once you are sure that you have such a failure, the next step is to identify what problem exactly you are dealing with. This article will present a few indications that your hardware is about to fail:

  • Blue screen. Many people get strange error messages on the blue screen of their laptops. Not by chance, they are called “blue screens of death”.
  • RAM failure. Even though your RAM memory can fail for many reasons, if you see a window appearing and claiming you have application crashes or blue screens, you have a hardware issue.
  • Overheating. This could also cause blue screens, crashes, and sudden shutdowns.

Sometimes, hardware problems are very difficult to identify but Magic Computer Repair can facilitate and resolve any failure in a professional manner. If you live in Los Angeles CA and need a dependable computer repair service provider, call us at 818-962-1263.

Not Sure Who to Call Regarding Your Malfunctioning Computer?

Want to Know the Different Kinds of Computer Repair Technician Jobs?

A computer repair technician can work with electronic retail stores, computer repair shops, and big or small businesses, they can also be self-employed. Many companies will hire in-house repair technicians when they are looking to manage various different machines, that are the backbone of their work. Smaller companies could contract out with computer repair experts or independent consultants. The skills needed in this type of work are great and will differ in places of employment, although there is some variation in the depth of knowledge required.

Retail stores will hire people to fill their repair technician jobs, in order to provide computer repair service to their numerous customers. Repairs are done by technicians in the store when customers drop off their computers. Computer repair technicians that work for electronic retail stores will help their customers set-up their new computers, install software etc.

Bigger companies who use several different information technologies will hire people to fill their computer repair technician jobs. These positions are usually full-time and could include working in a dual capacity for software issues. Technicians will help other employees with their computer problems, install new software, answer any questions, and generally, maintain systems.

There are various different kinds of computer repair certifications available today and can be obtained from regional certified organizations. These will help individuals find work because they will attest that a person is fully qualified for the job. There are no regional requirements for certification as such, instead, this process works more like an accepted industry standard. Professional organizations will offer certifications to people that meet specific requirements and will also include sitting an exam and paying a small fee.

So whether you are a home or business owner that has problems with your computer, call Magic Computer Repair at 818-962-1263 today. We are in Los Angeles CA.

Is the Battery of Your MacBook Laptop Dying?

MacBook Battery Failure Symptoms Explained by a Computer Repair Professional

Today, we couldn’t imagine our life without a computer or laptop. They make our lives more interesting and organized. Having a MacBook is a precious asset of yours. But how do you know of the battery is dying? Take a look at these indications:

  • Shorter battery life. You leave your device plugged in for the night and in the next morning, it seems like it’s still not fully charged. You work on it for a few hours and there you go, you have to charge its battery again. A decreased battery lifespan is a sure sign that it will completely fail soon.

  • The battery icon never shows 100 %. No matter how long you leave your laptop plugged in, it never shows 100 % or has “x” index. Obviously, it has started to perform inefficiently. You will need a buy a new one soon.

  • Check the battery status. Every MacBook computer repair technician will advise you to check your battery status from time to time. This is one of the most certain ways to confirm a problem. You will see four possible conditions and practically, your device will show you whether it’s time to purchase a new battery or not.

  • Chaotic cursor behavior. If your computer’s battery is dying, you will also notice erratic cursor behavior. It will go left and right, and in unexpected places too. It’s like you can’t control it using the mouse.

  • An old battery can actually explode. Yes, you heard right! Do not ignore all the warning signs above, otherwise, it can explode right in front of you, MacBook repair specialists advise. If it’s getting hotter every time you use it, do not hesitate and replace it right away.

If you live in Los Angeles CA and need the excellent services of a reliable computer repair expert, you are where you belong. Magic Computer Repair will be happy to assist you and facilitate any complication or failure. Just give us a call at 818-962-1263.

Top notch data restoration services

Don’t use RAID 0

Never use RAID 0 for anything but scratch data. It is fast, but has no redundancy, so it is twice as likely to crash with two drives than a single drive, and also take your data with it in a really irrecoverable manner, which a simple data recovery may not be able to restore it. Especially ‘built in’ PC motherboard RAID configurations. Virtually all motherboards with RAID controllers are bad.

Keep your hard drive away from heat

Heat is the worst enemy of all electronics, but especially to the hard disks. Premature disk failure can occur when the internal temperatures exceed 113 degrees F . Consider more fans or a new case to prevent failures in the future.
Actually putting the hard drive in the freezer has been known to revive a failing hard drive for a short time, possibly long enough to recover your most valuable files.

Make backup disks of your software

Take the opportunity to make some backup disks of your software. You’ll be surprised how many problems can be fixed with just a clean system installation. Keep a backup of all the important software! There are two types of computer users: those who’ve had a hard drive crash, and those who are about to. Please do not wait until it happens to you!

Highest quality data recovery services

Invest in RAID disk configuration

If the data comes in faster than the backups, and is valuable, consider investing in RAID 1, RAID 5 or RAID 10 disk configurations. A RAID array will keep running when the physical drive dies. A good one will re-write a replacement drive that’s ‘hot swapped’ into it without stopping. External controllers will do this much better than ones integrated into motherboards.