Computer Repair Service

Our highly skilled technicians can fix every kind of computer problem you may encounter. Our computer repair services include repair of: motherboards, cracked screens, dropped computers, data loss, missing keys, malfunctioning software, corrupt operating systems, email problems and more. We work on all kinds of computers including PC, Laptop, Mac and Server based computers.

We providing an independent computer repair serviceResidential or business, we provide our customers with a practical and affordable solutions. Anything from spyware or virus removal to custom built systems. We’ll always provide you with a cost effective computer repair service, that not only makes sense technically, but also financially. Magic Computer Repair takes the hassle out of computer repairs, optimization and maintenance. Our specialists have over 20 years experience in technical support, computer hardware, computer networks, and computer repair. We deliver high quality, guaranteed computer repair services in all Los Angeles and its area.

Most computer repair companies only focus on one thing, and that is concentrating on the numbers without questioning the quality of service. We do not sacrifice quality for quantity at any time. We work extremely hard so we can provide you with a top level of computer repair service to improve any home office, small business or student environment.

Magic Computer Repair is a completely mobile onsite and remote service, so you won’t be burdened with bringing your computer to a shop. We will schedule a time that is most convenient for you to have us come to your location. In many cases, we can fix your computer problem, at your location, and you’ll be able to see that the computer is working properly before we leave. We can also perform virus removals and repair most software issues remotely without having to come to your location.