Is the Battery of Your MacBook Laptop Dying?

MacBook Battery Failure Symptoms Explained by a Computer Repair Professional

Today, we couldn’t imagine our life without a computer or laptop. They make our lives more interesting and organized. Having a MacBook is a precious asset of yours. But how do you know of the battery is dying? Take a look at these indications:

  • Shorter battery life. You leave your device plugged in for the night and in the next morning, it seems like it’s still not fully charged. You work on it for a few hours and there you go, you have to charge its battery again. A decreased battery lifespan is a sure sign that it will completely fail soon.

  • The battery icon never shows 100 %. No matter how long you leave your laptop plugged in, it never shows 100 % or has “x” index. Obviously, it has started to perform inefficiently. You will need a buy a new one soon.

  • Check the battery status. Every MacBook computer repair technician will advise you to check your battery status from time to time. This is one of the most certain ways to confirm a problem. You will see four possible conditions and practically, your device will show you whether it’s time to purchase a new battery or not.

  • Chaotic cursor behavior. If your computer’s battery is dying, you will also notice erratic cursor behavior. It will go left and right, and in unexpected places too. It’s like you can’t control it using the mouse.

  • An old battery can actually explode. Yes, you heard right! Do not ignore all the warning signs above, otherwise, it can explode right in front of you, MacBook repair specialists advise. If it’s getting hotter every time you use it, do not hesitate and replace it right away.

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