External Hard Drive

Magic Computer Repair is capable of recovering data from any type of external hard disk. Those devices generally consist of a case, which contains a standard SATA or IDE hard disk, and a USB/Firewire interface adaptor. This means that external hard drives are susceptible to the same problems that their components suffer from – plus some additional ones. Here are the two common causes of data loss when it comes to external hard drives:

  • Overheating. This is caused by insufficient ventilation on the external case. Some hard drives don’t even have such systems. However, a few models have inside fans that control the temperature.
  • Physical Damage. External hard drives often get dropped, knocked over, etc. A strong impact will definitely cause problems – and some of them might lead to data loss.

External hard disks can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations. However, almost all of them are based on standard hard drive technology. Magic Computer Repair is the perfect place for you to resolve your data loss problem!

No matter what the cause of the issue, we will find a solution. Whether your external drive was formatted for use under Windows, Mac OS, or something else, we have the knowledge and tools required to pull off the job successfully. Our services will help you recover your valuable data even from:

  • Hard disks with electronic problems
  • Mechanically failed hard drives
  • Physically damaged devices
  • Devices damaged by water or some other liquid

Magic Computer Repair is guaranteed to provide you with efficient data recovery services in Los Angeles CA. Trust in our expertise – you will not be disappointed.