Hard Drive

Magic Computer Repair is here to offer modern solutions and a variety of service options for our customers in Los Angeles CA. We are the people to turn to for hard drive data recovery around here.

Our team is able to extract information from drives with all types of connection interfaces: SCSI, SAS, IDE, EIDE, SATA and Fibre Channel. The brand or combination of drives is of no problems to us, too. We can deal with everything – desktop and laptop hard drives, muptiple RAID drives or external ones.

Here at Magic Computer Repair, we classify data loss in 3 categories:

  • Firmware Failure – the hard drive appears to be in good condition, but fails to function. In order to restore the drive, we fine-tune and reprogram the firmware.
  • Logical Failure – the hard drive works just fine, but the data cannot be accesed for a logical reason. This may be caused by accidental reformatting, file system corruption or lost partition information.
  • Mechanical Failure – in this case, the hard drive is simply not functioning. The causes of this include spindle motor seizures and read/write head crashes.

We discover what the actual problem is, and proceed with the data recovery. This process includes way more than just replacing the defective parts. We are equipped with modern tools, and our work method is the result of many years of experience.

If the problem is due to mechanical failure, our staff can provide you with efficient hard drive repair services. We work in a dust-free cleanroom, where we carefully analyze and work on each problem.

Our custom made equipment enables us to provide the most efficient and successful data recovery in Los Angeles CA. Magic Computer Repair is guaranteed to leave you pleased with the results!