Thumb Drive

Located in the region of Los Angeles CA, we, at Magic Computer Repair, offer a professional USB data recovery service, for all types of USB storage media. Recovering data from thumb drives is a routine job for us. Here is a list of the typical thumb drive failures:

  • Snapped or broken thumb drive
  • Dropped USB port
  • Physical issues
  • Virus damage

When you lose access to data, contained on any type of USB storage media, contact us, and we will provide you with valuable advice and support on your failed media.

If your LED flashes or blinks, without giving you access to the user data area, or in case the device is not recognized by the computer system, you are experiencing failure of your thumb media. This is not a problem for our outstanding engineers.

We can deal with all kinds of operating systems, such as:

  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, Millennium, ME, 2003, XP, Vista, 7
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Mac
  • Other

We work with а highly trained team of technicians, that constantly recover data from all kinds of storage media. They also specialize in data recovery from portable media.

USB Data Recovery

Techniques for the recovering of USB data can vary. Traditional hard drive recovery is often practiced. It requires bypassing the memory controller, and that is often the root cause for a failure. That way, direct memory chips file recovery is enabled, and they can always be in perfect working order. It is usually the problem with the drive that is in the way of reading the data.

In cases when multiple chips are present on the drive, the memory stick recovery process gets more complex. However, our experienced and qualified flash drive recovery technicians are experts in flash memory recovery, and that is not a problem. We have been providing impeccable services to business, student and home users for many years.

USB Memory Stick Recovery

Accidental data deletion is always possible. It is a common misconception, that this data is forever lost, however in most cases, that is not true. Usually the file table we mentioned earlier is updated and informed that the memory area, where your precious data resides, is now available for re-use.

In such cases, stop using the device, and seek our specialists for the recovery of your data.

There is one main difference for USB memory sticks or camera cards. It is, that they use solid state storage technology, called flash memory. Essentially, this is an integrated chip of circuit, capable of holding data, because the data can only exist in a digital 1 or 0. Once the file table indicates a location is ready for re-usage, the data written there first will be forever lost.

This leads to the conclusion, that when a file is deleted from a device, you must stop using it right away, and seek our professional expertise. The more you use the flash device, the more it receives commands to re-allocate the memory for other data. If you are located in the region of Los Angeles CA, there is only one possible course of action for you.

Contact Magic Computer Repair immediately, to recover your data!