Does Your PC Run at a Snail’s Pace?

Need Professional Assistance from a Local Computer Repair Specialist?

When your PC is working slow or slows down over time, you waste too much time doing your routine tasks. Waiting for many minutes to download a program or to open your favorite movie may sometimes seem like waiting for hours. However, don’t get discouraged! A local computer repair technician would like to explain a few methods to speed up your computer:

  • Clean your PC; No, don’t take the rag and the cleaner. We mean cleaning it from the inside. Cleaning your laptop means deleting all unnecessary files and folders from all your drives. You can also use CC Cleaner and keep it cleaning your device automatically. In addition, you can utilize another great tool – Clean Uninstaller to remove applications that you don’t need any more with the click of a button. Deleting all those junk files and duplicate programs is important too. If you are unsure about how to do this, you can always call a professional.

  • Find all resource hungry programs; In some cases, when you open a current program, it may use 99% of your device’s memory which will inevitably lead to a slower performance. You should find these software programs by opening your Task Manager and right-clicking on the taskbar. The Task Manager of Windows 8 to Windows 10 provides detailed information about what applications use what resources.

  • Disable all startup programs; They can make your laptop work harder. Preventing them starting up when you turn your device on will save you precious memory and will speed up significantly. And while some of those programs must be important, a bunch of others might be wasting your PC resources. To remove them, all you have to do is press the Window key + R. Type “msconfig” and then enter. Check “Hide all Microsoft services” and deselect all programs running at start up.

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