Buffalo Terastation NAS

NAS devices are servers which contain the components of a PC, but their reliability is determined by how well their internal design is. If a NAS devise is without redundant power supplies, controllers and data access paths, it will be even less reliable than a normal PC with superior components that acts as a server machine connected to a network. The optimal performance of a NAS devise, depends mainly on the traffic and speed of the network the device is connected to, but it also relies on the amount of RAM on the NAS devices. Here are a few failures that affect NAS devices:

  • Single or multiple disk failure.
  • System crash.
  • Power surge causing physical or logical corruption.
  • Virus attack.
  • Data could not be viewed due to security system failure.
  • Loss of network shared volume due to accidental reformat or lost of original configuration.
  • Accidental deletion of data or reformat of NAS volume.

When software and hardware require specific fixes and repairs, Magic Computer Repair develops them without hesitation. Special tools have been created to increase data recovery rates and cut down on process times for multi-disk systems that are in Snap or other NAS environments. These systems use a special Unix based OS that can prove to be difficult for inexperienced computer technicians, but Magic Computer Repair is the Los Angeles CA company that will deliver the data recovery results you need. Whenever you experience any data loss or hardware failure, here are a few things you should do:

  • Do not panic.
  • Turn off the affected computer hardware.
  • Do not attempt to repair the failed device.
  • Contact a Magic Data Recovery expert at (818) 962-1263.

RAID Data Recovery

Our Los Angeles CA company can perform a set of RAID data recovery procedures, in order to resolve any recovery issue as fast as possible. Data recovery technicians inspect the array very thoroughly, in order to determine the specific nature of the problems. While this is performed, our professionals will try to create an image of your malfunctioned hard drives. After which our RAID data recovery specialists are going to piece different parts into a whole complete array. If all the necessary processes are successful, your data will be recovered and ready to be transfered to a media storage of your choice. Our company specializes in some of the following RAID recovery services:

  • SATA RAID Data Recovery
  • SCSI RAID Data Recovery
  • Adaptec RAID SATA SAS SCSI Data Recovery
  • Promise RAID SATA SAS SCSI Data Recovery
  • Dell Striped RAID Data Recovery
  • VIA and nVidia RAID Recovery
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 0.6 TB HD-H0.6TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 1.6 TB HD-H1.6TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Home Server NAS 1.0TB HS-D1.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Home Server NAS 2.0TB HS-D2.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 1.0 TB TS-1.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 2.0 TB TS-2.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo Linkstation HD-H250LAN
  • LACIE Ethernet Disk

We provide our services at budget-friendly prices. Contact us on the provided phone number, and we will be more than happy to help.