Degraded RAID

If you are located in the territory of Los Angeles CA, and in need of data recovery, keep in mind that Magic Computer Repair is the company that will help you with your situation.

RAID 5 is when parity and data information are spread across 3 or more disk drives, that share the same type and size. RAID systems are prone to regular disk errors, capable of causing a hard drive to go off line, and hence the fault tolerance in the system goes too.

A RAID 5 array system can survive after the loss of one drive, and recover the data from a combination of the parity data and other drives, written in stripes across the drive system.

Casual disk errors include bad sectors, data corruption due to viruses, file overwrites and loss of the partition table.

RAID 5 can suffer the so-called “degradation”, This is when the system has to “struggle on” without one of disks in the array, when it actually fails.

Fortunately, RAID 5 data recovery can be done by one of Magic Computer Repair‘s trained RAID recovery experts. Call us to get back your important data.

RAID recovery process

We know how to perform a set of different RAID recovery procedures, including initial evaluation, during which, our technicians will examine your array carefully, to find out the exact problem. In the meantime, we will create an image of your hard drives, and our specialists will extract the data contained in it. This will allow us to combine the whole array back together. Should we succeed, we will restore your data onto whatever media you desire.

Located in the region of Los Angeles CA, we specialize in RAID servers recovery, that includes:

  • SATA RAID Data Recovery
  • SCSI RAID Data Recovery
  • Adaptec RAID SATA SAS SCSI Data Recovery
  • Promise RAID SATA SAS SCSI Data Recovery
  • Dell Striped RAID Data Recovery
  • VIA and nVidia RAID Recovery
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 0.6 TB HD-H0.6TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 1.6 TB HD-H1.6TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Home Server NAS 1.0TB HS-D1.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Home Server NAS 2.0TB HS-D2.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 1.0 TB TS-1.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 2.0 TB TS-2.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo Linkstation HD-H250LAN
  • LACIE Ethernet Disk