Multiple HD

Data loss is always possible, although most RAID architectures have built-in redundancy and active-failover capability. Remember that in cases when a RAID array fails, it is important to retrieve the data, while the hardware is expendable and replaceable. If you are located in the territory of Los Angeles CA, turn to Magic Computer Repair, and you will find a data recovery specialist, capable of retrieving your lost data.

If you are experiencing a multi-disk array failure, it is important to know why, and what should you do. Although one drive failure will allow you to read and write data, failure of a second one, especially on a 5 drive system, can result in complete data loss.

When multiple-drive failures occur, it is usually because of component quality issues, environmental factors, such as vibration, power surges or heat, or recent firmware changes. In cases of an array problem, do not assume that you can fix it. Trying to clear up the problem, by power cycling the array or repeatedly resetting it, can actually make it worse.

Replacing a failed drive must happen immediately, but this can easily be overlooked, because the array works normally. However, the data on the array is very vulnerable, in the case of a second drive failure. That is why a faulty drive needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Magic Data Recovery rescues your data!

Remove the RAID set and hand it over to our specialist. That way, you will have a better chance of recovering the data successfully. That way, new drives can be installed, and your applications will be back on line with much less delay. With us, you will recover your important data.

RAID Recovery Process

Our professional technicians can perform a set of RAID data recovery procedures, which include RAID recovery evaluation. Our technicians will examine carefully the array, in order to find out the exact nature of your problem. We will also try to create an image of the failed hard drives. Then, our specialists will extract the data, contained in the image, and try to put back together your array. Upon success, we will restore your data, onto any media of your choice.

Located in the territory of Los Angeles CA, Magic Computer Repair specializes in RAID Servers recovery, including the following:

  • SCSI RAID Data Recovery
  • SATA RAID Data Recovery
  • Promise RAID SATA SAS SCSI Data Recovery
  • Adaptec RAID SATA SAS SCSI Data Recovery
  • VIA and nVidia RAID Recovery
  • Dell Striped RAID Data Recovery
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 1.6 TB HD-H1.6TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 0.6 TB HD-H0.6TGL/R5Buffalo TeraStation Home Server NAS 1.0TB HS-D1.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Home Server NAS 2.0TB HS-D2.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 1.0 TB TS-1.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 2.0 TB TS-2.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo Linkstation HD-H250LAN
  • LACIE Ethernet Disk