Restore Corrupt Array

Depending on your storage requirements, there are a large number of combinations of RAID levels which can be implemented. Every disc is affected by other hard drive disks that need RAID recovery. There are RAID levels which can deliver extra redundancies in order to prevent data loss, thus giving your hardware another chance.

If the RAID configuration is corrupted or more than one hard disk fails, the RAID array could be damaged in such a way, that it might become inaccessible. In this type of scenario, it is of the utmost importance to be careful. The data contained in the RAID array can be easily lost, if the hard drives are given to a data recovery company that does not possess the needed experience for the job.

Deleted, damaged or corrupted RAID arrays can be properly recovered by professionals who have extensive knowledge about RAID levels, and understand the file system structures and data structures of RAID. If you experience RAID array failure, it is important that you safely shut down your RAID server or unit and contact our data recovery professionals. Here are a few of the problems you might experience with your RAID:

Physical Problem

  • RAID Disk offline
  • RAID Disk corrupt
  • RAID Disk crashed
  • RAID Controller fault
  • RAID Power failure

Logical Problem

  • Disk accidentally deleted
  • RAID array inaccessible
  • RAID disk offline
  • RAID Disk formatted
  • RAID Disk deleted

The Process of RAID Data Recovery

There are several RAID data recovery procedures that need to be performed, in order to conduct a proper RAID recovery evaluation. Our Magic Computer Repair data recovery technicians will carefully inspect the array in order to determine the exact problem. While they are doing this, our Los Angeles CA specialists will try to create a image file of the affected hard drives. This is done, so the recovery professionals will later extract the data that is contained within the image. After bits and pieces are recovered, our specialists will then start to piece the data together on a media storage of your choosing. Our data recovery company is able to recover RAID servers which include:

  • SATA RAID Data Recovery
  • SCSI RAID Data Recovery
  • Adaptec RAID SATA SAS SCSI Data Recovery
  • Promise RAID SATA SAS SCSI Data Recovery
  • Dell Striped RAID Data Recovery
  • VIA and nVidia RAID Recovery
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 0.6 TB HD-H0.6TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 1.6 TB HD-H1.6TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Home Server NAS 1.0TB HS-D1.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Home Server NAS 2.0TB HS-D2.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 1.0 TB TS-1.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS 2.0 TB TS-2.0TGL/R5
  • Buffalo Linkstation HD-H250LAN
  • LACIE Ethernet Disk

Magic Computer Repair performs all of its RAID recovery services at competitive and affordable rates. If you are interested, give us a call on our Los Angeles CA phone number: 818-962-1263