Linux Server

The specialists at Magic Computer Repair are skilled and experienced engineers who can offer anyone in Los Angeles CA effective data recovery services for their Linux Server.

Magic Computer Repair recovers lost data from:

  • File servers.
  • Application servers.
  • Web servers.
  • Direct-attached RAID.
  • Network attached storage.
  • Very large storage area network (SAN) systems.
  • Server data recovery is available for all systems:
  • Any server make, model or brand.
  • All types of RAID configurations.
  • Any operating systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc.).
  • All causes of data loss: including data loss resulting from natural disasters, power loss or surge, logical or mechanical failures, and viruses.
  • Development for proprietary systems: our worldwide team of developers are always prepared to create bespoke software and tools to handle any proprietary system.

Recovery Process for Servers, NAS, or RAID Arrays:

The technicians at our company treat Server and RAID data loss as top priority cases. The initial diagnosis will let us know whether our equipment will be able to fix each media device. If so, the first step is to create an image of the data, so that we can analyze it and determine the nature of the problem.

If parts of the media are not accessible, we will test the components, and examine its internal health condition. The recovery of RAID and other hard drives involves replacing the damaged parts in a clean and dust free environment, using specialized tools.

RAID data recovery uses a raw image of the server’s media, and examines low-level data sectors. Our technicians can determine the layout of the volume, and what actions to take in order to access the important files.

Multiple-drive servers are downloaded onto our media, so the file system can be repaired. Sometimes files are so damaged, that the data has to be repaired with the help from more than one fragment of the collected data image.

The programmers at our company use tools, specially created for this type of data recovery, and can help any Linux user in Los Angeles CA or any of the surrounding areas.