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G-Raid Recovery in Los Angeles,CA,90012

G-Raid Recovery in Los Angeles,CA,90012

DVDs and CDs are used as one of the main sources for backup. The majority of computer users store their important pictures, videos, data files, etc. on these. CDs and DVDs are considered to be a safe source for backing up data, as they can last years if stored correctly. However, if mishandled, they can receive scratches or marks which can result in data loss. If you have backup CDs or DVDs which you cannot access, contact Magic Computer Repair right away, and we will provide you with a complimentary consultation service from our renowned Los Angeles, CA data recovery professionals.

We possess cutting-edge software and hardware tools that will recover all of your lost data files as swiftly as possible. Our highly experienced specialists are able to recover data such as text files, complex digital video files, and others. By utilizing sophisticated technology, our professionals are able to enter the digital heart of your damaged information sectors, and then copy any rescued data on media storage of your choice.

Our CD/DVD data recovery services, support the following CD/DVD brands:

  • DVD
  • DVD-RW (Rewriteable)
  • DVD-ROM (Read-only memory)
  • CD-R (Read-only)
  • CD-RW (Rewriteable)
  • CD-ROM (Read-only memory)
  • Mini CD/DVD being used in digital cameras.

Our CD/DVD recovery specialists are familiar with almost all known problems concerning optical storage media:

  • Unable to access the optical storage media.
  • Inadvertent, sudden deletion, or formatting of discs.
  • Discs splintered or other physical problems such as scratches, fingerprints, etc.
  • During the reading process operating system gives the message “file system not compatible with the current version of the operating system” OR “disc is corrupted”
  • Breathtaking noise comes out of the CD-ROM while trying to read the CD/DVD discs
  • During CD/DVD read all other processes stop their normal operations and go in suspend state until CD/DVD discs are removed from CD/DVD drive cache.
  • CD/DVD opens but cannot be accessed or copied.
  • Data is shown in some other format than the desired one such as audio or video files.

If you are unable to access the backups on your CD/DVD’s, Magic Computer Repair will be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation service on your damaged media storage. Our Los Angeles, CA recovery professionals will be more than happy to provide assistance for all-sized CDs and DVDs, so you don’t need to worry about anything. We operate at competitive rates, so you don’t have to be concerned with affordability. If you are interested, give us a call on the phone number below, or send us a message via the provided email.

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